Monday, September 5, 2011

Gratitude Friday... a little late

My friend has inspired me with her Gratitude Friday blog.
She is an amazing artist, and an inspiration to me.
I am grateful today for so many things.
  • Grateful that even though I am late with this blog, there is no judgement.
  • Grateful that I received a beautiful piece of her art in the mail this morning. Wow. I love it! Even more beautiful than on the website.
  • Grateful that I am in a creative phase of my life
  • Grateful for my dreams
  • Grateful for an amazing relationship with my husband
  • Grateful for a job that I love
  • Grateful for health
  • Grateful for inspiring friends
  • Grateful that I am learning to leave attachment and expectations behind.
I feel inspired. I think I'm going to write a dream blog today.

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